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Mike Justak was 47 when he received his diagnosis of Early Onset Parkinson's. Two years later he would hit a crossroad which would prompt him to launch a not for profit as a way to regain control over over the disease that progressed within him. PFP won IRS approval in 2007. He would change the name in 2012. It was 2010 that held the turning point for the fledgling non profit. That Spring he began his true fund raiser. Mike's Walk would take him to New York's Central Park. The follow up was the premier of a music and light show that he called, PD Shimmers.
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PD Shimmers became the signature event for the foundation. It was well received by the public and the news media. You could see and read about it in The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Plymouth Sun Newspaper, The Delta of Sigma Nu, and Plymouth Magazine. You could watch the story on Christmas Eve on WCCO-TV or KSTP-TV. The lights shimmered early for the WCCO Morning News, and Boyd Hupport told the story on KARE11 -TV 's "Land of 10,000 Stories."

Funds raised by PD Shimmers have rented bus loads of Parkinson's patients to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season with a lights tour. They have underwritten costs associated with physical therapy, paid for free exercise DVD's and even put Wii game systems in tremoring hands to help ease symptoms.

This year MJFPD launched Punch Parkinson's as a way to lower out of pocket costs associate with a physical therapy that uses boxing as the fundamental basis.