MN Twin Parkinson's Awareness Night
Cancelled-   No reschedule date 2020 season.
Watch the new PD Shimmers parody of Matthew McConaughey Lincoln video!
Our Mission
To help those living with Parkinson's Disease live better lives.
We Fund Movement!
Exercise. It has become the seventh wonder in the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. We put emphasis on programs that have proven results in the slowing of disease symptom progression. Such as the use of Nordic Walking Poles to improve arm swing and gait. Cycl
Boxing Therapy
Watch the video to see the original boxing therapy, Rock Steady.. This one hour therapy session exposes the user to a workout involving, cardio, balance, memory, stretching, & strength,

Our Signature Event
PD Shimmers - A Holiday Light Show in Sync to Music
PD Shimmers Parody Spots
The newest in the series of ads featuring Matthew McConoughy's Lincoln Auto Spots on TV
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