Our Mission: To engage in programs that: Raise Awareness, Support Research, Educate the public, or Enable patients and or their caregivers to live better lives.

How does one “live well” with Parkinson’s? A four letter word- MOVE. I ‘m not being preachy but you have to move. This is personal experience. This is living each day with Parkinson’s. This disease wants to strip away your ability to move in a controlled manner. I find that when my meds wear off prematurely and I ache, I turn stiff, I feel my body literally contract as the muscles pull in tight. That is the time to do something. Walk with Nordic sticks, can’t do that? Go up the stairs and back down ( using handrail of course). Play Wii bowling or better do wii boxing. Stretch. Don’t give in…FIGHT.

What you can do to ease symptoms. Experiment and find out what helps you. Here are some videos demonstrating:
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