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Choose Optimism

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Choose Optimism has been the slogan for The Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease for just over one year now. For those who deal with Parkinson’s you should be aware that statistically one in two will develop depression along with their other symptoms. Optimism is a method to help overcome this.

For 2016 we have decided to add an optimistic look to our web page as well. The colors we use are from an “optimist” pallet. I think you will agree the pages look cleaner and are easier to read. We also look to expand our content into what our program services funded reflect, that of how to live a little better as you overcome the effects of the disease.

Lastly we find it increasingly difficult to keep a myriad of pages and systems current in the age of instantaneous information. Typically these web pages are updated only one or two times a year. To overcome this we have added a Facebook feed. If you are not a Facebook user you now will be able to still benefit from content in our pages by using mjfpd.org.

Ways You Can Live Better with Parkinson’s Disease

How does one “live well” with Parkinson’s? A four letter word- MOVE. I ‘m not being preachy but you have to move. This is personal experience. This is living each day with Parkinson’s. This disease wants to strip away your ability to move in a controlled manner. I find that when my meds wear off prematurely and I ache, I turn stiff, I feel my body literally contract as the muscles pull in tight. That is the time to do something. Walk with Nordic sticks, can’t do that? Go up the stairs and back down ( using handrail of course). Play Wii bowling or better do wii boxing. Stretch. Don’t give in…FIGHT.

What you can do to ease symptoms. Experiment and find out what helps you. Here are some videos demonstrating:

Argentine Tango Therapy

Pedal past Parkinson’s Therapy

It is no secret, you must exercise. The Mike Justak Foundation supports a variety of unconventional ways to live better. Unconventional? No doubt but they work. See if a “passion” of yours can indeed be therapeutic as well. Most recently there have been studies on boxing, spinning ( ride a bike), tango dance, wii gaming systems. Interested in a no sweat way to feel better? Then try laughter yoga. Curious? Take a closer look using the video below.

Punch out Parkinson’s with Rock Steady Method

Lower stress, improve your health, and ward off depression with “the best medicine”, Laughter. Catch a glimpse into “Laughter Yoga’

Wii Video System Therapy for Parkinson's Disease.

An unusual therapy for those with PD is gaining in popularity. It involves the use of the Nintendo Wii video game system. Contained in the sub pages, accessed using the sidebar menu to the left, are articles and video clips offering evidence of the viability of such therapy. These studies primarily focus on the physical benefits of these therapies but the phisiological benefits should be given note. It was discovered that those participating in the Wii studies experienced in rise in mental attitude.

Fundraising for Parkinson’s and The Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease

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MJFPD Director to run in Mini Marathon.

May 7 Mike Zajac will run over 13 miles as a participant in the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon taking place in Indianapolis, IN. Click the image to see a short video produced by MJFPD to call attention to this run. You can pledge support to Mike using our Donate page or mail a check to:
PO Box 46411
Plymouth, MN 55446

Choose Optimism. Discover a simple secret to help you feel and look better through the practice of being optimistic. Check out our videos on optimism and or invite Mike Justak to speak to your group. MJFPD has prepared a 20 Minute presentation with videos and slides to enlighten and entertain. contact using mike@mjfpd.org.

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What do you see? Many define optimism with this photo. So do I but my answer my surprise you. Optimism is proven as a method that leads you up a path to feeling better. Conversely Pessimism leads down the path into depression. Click the glass to link to MJFPD video “Choose Optimism”.