Choose Optimism

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Are you an optimist? If not you may be passing up the best moments of your life. How can the worst setback or defeat you've endured become the greatest accomplishment of your life? Click on the image to open the link to the video, The Greatest." Here is an example of how change in perspective can make all the difference. This month more than ever, choose- "Choose Optimism."

"Faces of Parkinson's"

-A film by The Mike Justak Foundation

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Mike Justak accepting the 2014 Paul M Silverstein Award recognizing outstanding achievements for the Parkinson's community of the Upper Midwest.

Optimism Video Series

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We'll scan the web each month and bring you the stories that show how people with Parkinson's fight back. Stories that offer hope, inspiration and, Optimism.

This month we begin with a favorite that comes courtesy of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, "Celebration of Movement."

A New Video from The Mike Justak Foundation for Parkinson's Disease! Robin Williams death put Parkinson's Disease in the news limelight. Many were shocked to learn that depression is a common symptom with the incurable disease. "Choose Optimism" looks at a group of Minnesotans who defy depression, they prefer to

Choose Optimism

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Thank you to all who helped raise awareness and improve the lives of those who live with Parkinson's by your generous support in 2014!